ASCCA-Romblon holds first Photo Essay Contest online

The social media arm of the Asi Studies Heart for Culture and the Arts – Romblon (ASCCA-Romblon) currently organized and held a Characterize Essay Contest on-line final April 16, 2021. It aimed to amass all aspiring photojournalists of the Romblon neighborhood to showcase their talents in photography and essay writing.

Top 3 winners
1st converse Eisley Josh Gregorio

The tournament adopted the theme, “Yabaw: Pagbantog it Ugat ag Hiwatong Romblomanon” (Revealing Romblon’s Roots: Retract Your Town’s Historic Lifestyles).

The map of the competition was to depict the broken-down lifestyles and mature ways of Romblon and eradicate them thru a series of portrait or panorama photos, with an accompanying essay describing them.

2nd converse Jansen Magarejo

An whole of 13 contributors from the a quantity of municipalities of Romblon joined the competition and captured breathtaking photos of the broken-down lifestyles of their hometowns which will most doubtless be quiet alive and thriving as we command time. These photos were moreover accompanied by realizing-provoking essays written of their non-public language (Asi, Ini, and Onhan) and translated into English, which talks about the rich custom and heritage of Romblon—from secure fishing, weaving, copra production, to marble making.

Some contestants moreover shared a quantity of traditions of their converse of foundation savor how their folk compose their native delicacy linumak, how their Aeta folk thrive of their neighborhood, and the absolute best way they compose grass brooms and mats.

third converse Noemi Marquez

Eisley Josh Gregorio of Romblon, Romblon bagged first converse within the competition with his photo essay entry, Kusog Ako Sa Pangabuhi para Mabuhi, Yari sa Banwa Ko! (My Energy to Dwell Existence Roots in My Land).

His breathtaking and qualified photos captured the three predominant broken-down lifestyles of Romblon which will most doubtless be all quiet alive and thriving as we command time—marble making, copra production, and fishing. Nonetheless greater than that, he was ready to ticket them of their raw kinds—how his folk the truth is begin up from chiseling the rocks for the marbles, grating the coconuts, to casting the secure within the sea at the crack of destroy of day.

Jansen Lloyd Magarejo of Romblon won 2nd converse with his photo essay, Magbinuligan (Interdependence), adopted by Noemi Maquez of San Agustin, Romblon in third converse alongside with her photo essay titled, Ang Matuod na Manggad ng Romblon (Romblon’s Upright Treasures).

Our 5 honorary winners!

The five honorary winners are: John Eric Fabul, TJ Rufon, John Lister Mondia, Anna Theresa Fabonan, and Sophia Maderazo.

The panel of judges for the Characterize Essay contest included Abner Faminiano, Nicon Fameronag, Jimmy Domingo, Rodne Galicha, and Melo Villareal. The contest was moreover supported by a quantity of Romblon organizations, which included Bayay Sibuyanon, Romblon Eco Tour Products and companies, RSU Learning Resource Heart, and Melo Villareal of the Out of Town Lag Weblog.

The Top 3 winners would receive money prizes and extra giveaways backed by commute blogger and social media strategist Melo Villareal. The honorary winners would moreover receive money prizes. All photo essay entries will most doubtless be exhibited within the RSU Learning Resource Heart. They’re going to moreover be published and featured on the Out of Town Lag Weblog of Melo Villareal.

About Asi Studies Heart for Culture and the Arts (ASCCA) – Romblon

ASCCA – Romblon is a chapter of Romblon Dialogue Listing – Cultural, Livelihood, and Academic Assistance for Romblon (RDL-CLEAR), which was established in 1998. This non-income organization objectives to restore and promote the custom and heritage of the Bantoanon neighborhood. ASCCA has already hosted many workshops, conferences, cultural activities, and competitions to retain Romblon’s nature, native languages, custom, and heritage and to empower its neighborhood to pass their values to the next generation.

Press Contacts ASCCA – Romblon

Ismael Fabicon

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