“Don’t Touch My Crown” by Photographer Oji Haynes

Brooklyn-essentially based fully fully image-maker and director Oji Haynes’ first deepest mission, “Don’t Touch My Crown,” became inspired by the Dusky girls in his household who use their hair as a invent of self-expression. Fancy indispensable of his Haynes’ work, the sequence facilities the Dusky figure at the coronary heart of his frame, painting his issues in a young and intimate gentle. 

A Dusky woman’s hair is a reflection of their spirit and the arrangement they must particular themselves freely at some level of the arena,” Haynes explains. “At some level of ancient previous, the Dusky woman’s hair has been old as a instrument for insurrection against white magnificence requirements. A dark woman would possibly presumably light no longer be judged nor scrutinized on the expression of their hair. Their hair would possibly presumably light no longer be the heart of amusement. It is their crown and is a fragment of their physique attributable to this fact would possibly presumably light no longer be touched.”

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