Kyrgyzstan reports 13 deaths in territorial clashes with Tajikistan

By Euronews with AFP

Kyrgyzstan has reported a demise toll of 13 on its aspect after border clashes with Tajikistan.

The 2 central Asian worldwide locations ranking traded fire in a dispute over a astronomical dwelling of territory.

Thirteen individuals ranking died amid 134 casualties since army devices from each and each worldwide locations started combating, the Kyrgyz health ministry said in an announcement.

Two other wounded had been in serious condition, it said. The final demise toll modified into three the old day.

Among the victims in Kyrgyzstan is a girl “born in 2008”, the same supply said.

Some 11,500 residents of two districts within the Batken achieve ranking been evacuated, per the authorities of this border dwelling with Tajikistan where the combating modified into most intense.

“They’ve been placed in specially outfitted locations…or ranking long past to the properties of family members,” they said in an announcement.

On Thursday afternoon, Kyrgyz diplomacy launched that the international ministers of all aspects had agreed on “a complete truce” from 16: 00 (CEST) and the “return of troops to their old locations of deployment”.

A commentary from Tajikistan’s impart info carrier acknowledged on Friday that the two aspects had reached “a mutual agreement to complete the armed battle, and withdraw army personnel and tools to locations of everlasting deployment.

The clashes along the border between the two murky, mountainous worldwide locations ranking been basically the most violent in years.

Thursday’s conflict between their two armies raised fears that it would possibly likely maybe maybe escalate dependable into a wider battle.

A police knowledgeable within the Kyrgyz achieve of Batken told the AFP news company by cellular phone that shooting had persisted overnight “however now not intensively”, and that combating modified into “between each and each civilians and soldiers”.

Tajikistan formally reported handiest two bullet wounds, however the Russian news company Ria Novosti, citing a supply within the metropolis hall of the border metropolis of Isfara, reported no now not as much as three plain and 31 injured on the Tajik aspect.

Border disagreements between three worldwide locations sharing the fertile Fergana Valley – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – stem from demarcations made at some level of the Soviet era. The borders separated definite groups from their homelands.

Bigger than a third of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border is disputed, including the dwelling at some level of the Tajik enclave of Vorukh, where Thursday’s battle erupted, a extraordinary stumbling block to land and water claims.

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