“Sugar Fever Dream” by Artist Karla Marchesi

New artwork from Brisbane-born, Berlin-primarily primarily based mostly artist Karla Marchesi (beforehand featured here). “Sugar Fever Dream” is a series of hyper-natural, Post-Humanist landscapes that provide an engaging sense of abundance coupled with the lingering possibility of over-indulgence if consumed snappy. Here Marchesi’s penchant for the unruffled life genre runs up in opposition to the violence and vulnerability of our in style age as her work makes an try to address what it approach to be human at this present moment of unhurried capitalism and existential native climate crisis:

“With an air of affirmative nihilism and a roguish dazzling of extra, Sugar Fever Dream is a counter vision to Western understanding on the tip of anthropocentrism. In a waking nightmare of interspecies revenge, this sequence attracts 17th century Soundless Existence and Vanitas traditions loyal into a Contemporary post-net panorama. Utilizing Ecohorror tropes, Art work Historic references, semiotic and autobiographical ingredients, Marchesi delivers a diversity of Soundless Lifes that pulse with life. Nonhuman entities are protagonists embodied with agency, budge, threat and desire: from the skies of the heavens to the depths of the ocean floor.”

Survey more shots from “Sugar Fever Dream” below or on expose at Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Melbourne till Might perchance perhaps 15th.

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