The Witcher 3 Director Resigns From CD Projekt Red Following Workplace Allegations

The disclose of job tradition at CD Projekt Crimson has been an ongoing topic of dialog in the gaming community in latest years and the birth of Cyberpunk 2077 has ensured that it gained’t ever be the an identical again. The set apart the highway leads for the Polish studio remains to be viewed, but the most latest news for CDPR is that Witcher 3 director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has officially resigned. 

After a whole lot of months of inside of investigations concerning bullying, again and again is called “mobbing,” Tomaszkiewicz used to be learned now not guilty of the allegations against him. The ruling used to be printed by an in-house email bought by Bloomberg where the director said he used to be leaving the corporate. “Nonetheless, a lot of of us are feeling nervousness, stress, or discomfort when working with me,” he said. The letter also contained an apology to the crew for the “unhappy blood” interested and announced his departure. 

The e-mail continued, announcing that the decision used to be mutual lively himself and the board. He added that he’ll be the exercise of this likelihood to work on himself and to launch the “long and onerous route of” of fixing and turning into the next person. One thing all of us strive to catch in our every single day lives, and is a unbiased price supporting. 

With a brand new The Witcher mission beforehand confirmed from CD Projekt Crimson, it is reported that Tomaszkiewicz used to be before the whole lot slated to lead that inventive payment. That will no longer be the case, making it one other decision the corporate must face, truly appropriate one of many, when venturing into the long flee. 

Relating to what’s next for the Polish studio, the crew only these days spread out a tag new disclose to work on new projects, including more for Cyberpunk 2077 and a mysterious new Witcher sport. Following the success of the Netflix adaptation of Geralt and co., the long flee of the gaming counterpart to The Witcher franchise would possibly well furthermore shuffle wherever. CD Projekt Crimson must also favor if it wants to pursue the planned multiplayer component for Cyberpunk 2077, one thing it mentioned earlier this one year used to be now up in the air in the wake of so many post-birth updates vital to catch the game up to authorized and aid on the PlayStation storefront. 

To be taught more about the highway to Cyberpunk 2077’s birth and what came after, that you just might possibly take a look at out our devoted sport hub perfect right here.

Thoughts on the latest commerce viewed with the departure of The Witcher 3 director? What are you hoping happens next concerning CD Projekt Crimson and Cyberpunk 2077? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment piece beneath. 

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